About Us

Vanguard14 is a news organisation, run by volunteers, that support people fighting the genocide in South Africa and wishes to provide those, that are actively speaking out against it, a voice.

Vanguard14 as a news organisation:
Vanguard14 is an organisation set up in the early part of 2016, that wants to satisfy the demand for unbiased and factual news about topics such as: nationalism, genocide and race; geopolitics; religion and (international and) national politics. We are aware that these subjects, especially when it comes to the complicated topics of race and European cultures, are largely underrepresented by today’s media.

Vanguard14’s contributions to charities:
Vanguard14’s administrators, editors and contributors are all volunteers. Ad revenue (and possible donations made to us) will not be used to cover our expenses and will not be used as a provider of income to the people working for our organisation; instead, any revenue (and possible donations made to us) will be donated to charities, we believe,  will help and support underprivileged Whites around the world – a good, current example being Whites in South Africa situated in squatter camps.

Contact information:
All general website inquiries should be directed to info@vanguard14.org
All editorial-related inquiries should be directed to editor@vanguard14.org
All photo-related inquiries should be directed to photoeditor@vanguard14.org
All Advertising inquiries should be directed to marketing@vanguard14.org
All media inquires should be directed to media@vanguard14.org

Idea submissions:
Please be advised that all unsolicited editorial pitches and submissions should be routed through editor@vanguard14.org or, in the case of photography submissions, through photoeditor@vanguard14.org. Unfortunately Vanguard14 editorial is unable to respond to each one individually. It is not advisable to email unsolicited pitches to Vanguard14 editors directly, and doing so is a good way to ensure your email address ends up marked as spam. Please allow 3 days for your submission to be received and reviewed. If at the end of 3 days you have not received a response from a Vanguard14 editorial staffer, it is safe to assume that we are not interested in your story. Thank you.

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