Jewish Trans ‘Woman’ Named White House LGBT Liaison

Less than a year after attaining the grand honor of being the first openly transgender individual to serve in the White House, Honduran Jew Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has now been promoted to serve as its senior liaison to the LGBT community. (Presumably, when Obama is too busy golfing to suck the dick of homosexual lobbyists, this kindly Jew will do it for him. An important task, and somebody has to do it.)

Freedman-Gurspan’s qualifications include being a reportedly powerful advocate of trans inclusion in his Brookline synagogue. Of course, this is easier than if it were done at a Christian church, as the Talmud explicitly recognizes transgender identity. 


Jews have a long history as advocates of sexual degeneracy. Richard Nixon famously remarked that such immorality could destroy even a strong society, and “that’s why the communists and left-wingers are pushing it.” (Of course, the fact that Communism is essentially Jewish is well documented.) But even then, the idea of having an LGBT liaison as an actual position in governance would be unthinkable. Truly, social progress has come leaps and bounds since that backwards era.

President Obama reportedly said that he wanted his administration to “look like America.” But in this case he might have gotten a little ahead of himself. America doesn’t look like a transgender Hispanic Jew just yet. (Give it a few years.)

We expect that this appointment will be very good for the GOP and the conservative movement at large. Please look forward to my upcoming piece in the National Review explaining why non-gender conforming people are natural conservatives and Democrats are the real transphobes.

Jason Bergkamp
Jason Bergkamp is a Dutch based journalist writing about European, American and South African events.