Economy, and how it’s killing the white race

I have never been fluent nor greatly interested in prevailing economic theories. Though, I have always indulged into the subject of such. Whether it be National Socialism, Capitalism, Welfare State, what be you. I have tried to see how it would benefit the white race.

However, after familiarizing myself with the unique issues that whites now face as a race, I find that our current Capitalist system is not sufficient with the task of saving Western Civilization, and the white race as a whole.

Our white birth rates are declining. In an economy that depends on constant growth, many corporations have no problem advocating increased immigration into white countries in order to replace the retiring and dying white population with fertile brown people.

Furthermore, the culture of capitalism seems to have an inevitable degenerative effect on societies after reaching a certain level of prosperity. Many whites no longer want to have families. Shit, many modern white career women now think of the idea of having children as archaic and an impediment on their own happiness/success.

Corporations want to get as many women in the workforce as they can. Women are trading their fertility for a salary. And it’s not just because of feminist brainwashing. White married couples often can’t afford to have lots of children or raise them in their own homes with a stay-at-home mother because both the man and the woman usually have to work in order to afford their standard of living.

The result is that whites make up the strong arm of the economic system in their countries, but their race is gradually diminishing as a consequence of their own collective success. And so, we are told that brown immigrants (who make large families) have to be brought into white countries in order to replace the diminishing white population and to pay our pensions when we retire. All of this seems to jive perfectly with the Jewish desire to see all individuals globally transformed into interchangeable and rootless urbanites/cosmopolitans.

If we don’t transform our society, as a whole, towards a Eurocentric society; Then the West will continue to diminish until it is nothing but ruins infested with rats.

Kye Fitzgerald
Kye Fitzgerald is a millennial White nationalist. Partaking in pro-White activism, highly engaged in the United States South-most West.