Angry Mexicans pull gun on Trump supporter | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Dealing with rabid packs of mestizos is a simple reality of being a Trump supporter in the modern United States. This becomes especially dangerous when you consider that Mexicans are physically incapable of moving from place to place except in groups of three or more. Georgia man David Grant learned this the other day, when three Mexican men saw the Trump sign in his front yard. (Note: it is unclear exactly what these men were doing there, but Democrats assure us it was something very important and essential to the success of our nation, and also something that white Americans are simply not willing to do.)

The three men pulled the sign out of the ground, and angrily threw it into the street, presumably while sobbing and thinking of how Donald Trump would send their semi-human asses packing back to their own country. (Although it does seem that they were citizens and therefore not primary targets of the Deportation Force, they can hardly be blamed for having this kind of a reaction when confronted with such vicious racism.)

Unfortunately for these poor and unfairly persecuted minorities, David Grant was outside his house and saw them do this. “I’m behind Donald Trump! You mess with Trump, you mess with us!” he is reported to have said of the incident. He then demanded that they come over and fix the sign.

These men then did what any pack of colored miscreants would do when caught in a misdemeanor dead in the middle of Trump Country: they shouted obscenities and threats as one of them alluded to the gun he had tucked in his waistband.

Mr Grant’s neighbor witnessed this incident and came out with a gun of his own, putting an end to the riff-raff. The men raved in Spanish and shook their fists ineffectually as they made their getaway. But the police caught up with them shortly after, and now they face a litany of charges. Shockingly, it appears that their firearm was unlicensed, and they were also in possession of an illicit and illegal substance. Everyone involved was reportedly shocked that these men, who enrich our country with their diversity and culture, would break our laws in any way.


Jason Bergkamp
Jason Bergkamp is a Dutch based journalist writing about European, American and South African events.