EFF ‘Youth’ leader shares petrol bomb recipe on Facebook

Omphile Seleke the EFF’s Pretoria youth leader has posted instructions on how to make petrol bombs via the Party’s official site. This comes after a week of violence across all campuses in South Africa from black students demanding transformation (read: no whites) at Universities.

The North-West University saw a petrol bomb attack on its campus last week leaving the university closed until further notice, so the threats of violence from Seleke and recipes to make petrol bombs should be considered a serious threat.

The EFF seem intent on causing violence on campuses across the nation via their official statement under the heading “The Revolution continues” the post has since between deleted from Facebook.

Seleke is not only the EFF’s youth leader in Pretoria but also a student at the University of Pretoria that saw clashes between white and black students the past week over the #AfrikaansMustFall protests.

The question is, what if anything has the university done with regards disciplinary action towards Seleke? If this was the youth leader from Afriforum Youth, the Afrikaans student’s interest group posting bomb recipes online, I suspect it would get more media coverage than it currently does.

Vanguard14 have mailed the University requesting feedback on the disciplinary actions that will be taken against Seleke and will provide an update when we receive feedback

Tor Sjöberg
Torsten Sjöberg is a South African based journalist writing about South African, European and Ukrainian events.