Another White marine beaten unconscious by Blacks

Another White Marine Beaten Unconscious By Mob Of Blacks

On February 12th marine Chris Marquez was beaten unconscious and robbed by a mob of black teens chanting “Black Lives Matter” in Washington DC. Not long after that marine Michael Schroeder, also in DC, was beaten to within an inch of his life and robbed presumably by another gang of not-so-white people. Now, the disgusting phenomenon is spreading out from the nation’s capitol. A White marine vet was savagely beaten by a mob of blacks shouting racial slurs in Ohio.

ABC 6 reports that Marine Corps veteran Grant Gray was hospitalized last Friday with severe head trauma after getting jumped by at least 3 black men in Columbus, OH. Gray was actually beaten so viciously that he doesn’t remember the attack but there is evidence that his attackers were black and motivated by white hatred.

Grant Gray, White U.S. Marine

Gray is currently studying sports management at Miami University but intends to transfer to Ohio State. He was in Columbus to check out his housing options. He headed over to a bar called the Pint House to have a cold one with his high school friend. Gary stepped outside to make a phone call and this is when he said he was attacked.

“I don’t remember too much because I have a pretty severe concussion,” said Gray.

After vaguely recalling the assault, Gary says the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital with a broken nose and concussion. There are however some tantalizing clues as to who beat this Marine unconscious:

Police say a responding officer to the attack noted seeing Gray stumbling around disoriented. He went to the officer, stated he was a former Marine and said he was punched by three black men who kept referring to him as “white.”

Gray was not robbed, so this attack was violence for the sake of violence.

“I even had an Apple watch on and they didn’t steal that,” said Gray.

Gray will miss a week of classes as he undergoes reconstructive surgery. Police have not made any arrests, but they seem to think this was racially motivated. If you can believe it, they are actually treating this a possible hate crime.

Chad Gray served 4 years in the US Marine Corps including a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan last year. He was part of an air rescue and firefighting unit that rescued downed pilots when they crashed.

So what the f*ck is going on here? Is this a new urban black thing where chicken shit gangs of black assholes sucker punch and attack white Marines? Is this the new “knock-out game” only instead of targeting old white people they are going after white members of the military?

We just got done hearing about how racist the Academy Awards were because Will Smith didn’t get nominated for being in a movie about concussions, but here we have an epidemic of blacks giving concussions to white Marines and somehow the nation is not outraged by the real racism of that.


Jason Bergkamp
Jason Bergkamp is a Dutch based journalist writing about European, American and South African events.