‘8 Dutch fighters executed by ISIS in Syria’

8 Dutch fighters killed by ISIS.

Last Friday, 8 Dutch fighters, supposedly have been executed by ISIS in the Syrian town of Raqqa. The reason being: ‘corrupt behavior’.

Something, the terror group claimed, could possibly damage the caliphate and is therefore enough of a reason for execution.

Although the news has not been confirmed yet, Syrian activists, posting under the Twitter handle @Raqqa_SL, also claimed that other Dutch fighters had been captured by the group.

Raqqa_SL is a group of Syrian media activists who primarily focus on reporting on war crimes committed by the Islamic State and the army of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

More details are not available yet. It is also still not known whether the fighters fought alongside the Islamic State or that they were fighting for one of the other groups currently active in Syria.

The identity of the Dutch fighters are also still not known.


According to the spokesperson of the ‘NCTC – Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid (trans. National Coordinator of Anti-Terrorism and Safety), Dick Schoof, the execution and kidnappings fit the profile and methods used by ISIS’ totalitarian regime.

He went on to say that: “there is a climate of distrust and paranoia that keeps feeding ISIS and, as we have heard today, will lead to such actions as the executions of their own members”.

“We have heard the reports, but we cannot confirm them yet”, the NCTV added. “But know who you’re dealing with, he warned potential Muslims wishing to join ISIS”.

Caliphate’s Capital

Raqqa is seen by many as ISIS’ headquarters in Syria. The extremists themselves have announced that Raqqa is the capital of their ‘caliphate’.

The city has been the target of constant attacks, mainly that of French aerial bombings.

Jason Bergkamp
Jason Bergkamp is a Dutch based journalist writing about European, American and South African events.